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A Stunning Table Lamp

anemon table lamp a stunning table lamp fabiiacom

The Anemon Table Lamp is an expression of creative possibilities. This svelte minimalist beauty works wonderfully as a decorative piece besides being a functional lamp. A refined addition to contemporary interiors, the LED table lamp showcases a sculpted profile with feminine grace. The Anemon features a slim body with a slender base and a lampshade. Composed of metal, the body resembles a champagne bottle in its silhouette, capped by a curved lampshade. The Anemon is fitted with an LED light source and a glass detail on its body acts as a delightful accent. The table lamp’s smooth appearance is heightened by the available attractive hues.

The lamp comes in two sizes and can be used as a window lamp as well. The Anemon’s soft glowing presence beautifies hospitality and contract spaces.

anemon table lamp a stunning table lamp fabiiacom
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