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An Armchair that defines success!


Ever wondered how our surroundings impact our mood and state of mind so much? As an example, you’re feeling quite under the weather and you happen to venture into a room with bright and sunny interior decor. Chances are you’ll instantly feel a lightness of being and the blues will begin to fade away. It’s a psychological fact. Our surroundings, inanimate as they are, do have the power to impress on our emotional facet. Modern living room furniture plays a decisive role in defining who we are and what we represent. Bold lines and whimsical expressions have become the design statements of the modern living room. Now in comes the Elba armchair that redefines boldness with a capital B!  The Elba armchair by Domkapa breathes sophisticated elegance through its strong silhouette. Place it among your other living room furniture watch it transform the place! The Elba draws attention without even trying! An armchair has a personalised feel about it. We all have our favourite armchairs where we love to curl up in. The Elba armchair is decidedly everyone’s favourite with every family member staking a claim to it! The cocooned structure of this armchair is set apart by the layered cushion feature in it. And we have to tell you about the exquisite base on which it is placed. The gold polished stainless steel base of the Elba is a connoisseur’s delight by itself! The strength of the delicately perched seat on the sleek frame cannot be undermined though.  Sit on the Elba and you‘ll immediately feel the aura of success around you. No kidding! Remember what we told you about things impacting the emotional frame of mind?! The Elba is decidedly an armchair that elevates the interiors with its presence, we can vouch for it!


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