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The Softly Cushioned Armchair

amalfi armchair the softly cushioned armchair

The Amalfi Armchair is a picture of refined elegance and brings understated sophistication to contemporary interiors. Blending style and comfort, the Amalfi is an accent chair with class. The striking armchair displays a deep-cushioned profile. Creating an alcove of relaxation, the Amalfi is marked by a deep encircling backrest that extends to form the armrests. The plush upholstered chair frame with cosy padded seating stands on slightly angled wood legs. Displaying fine workmanship, the upholstery features impeccable stitched vertical design detail that seamlessly runs down the chair’s length. In fact, this design accent gives the impression of a segmented backrest.

Available in an array of fabric finishes, the Amalfi is made to enhance hospitality and contract settings with panache.

amalfi armchair the softly cushioned armchair
Amalfi armchair
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