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Allaperto Camping Chic Lounge Chair: Freshness |

‘Camping chic’ evokes two diverse yet vibrant emotions that define the Allaperto Camping Chic Lounge Chair. Created by Ethimo, known for their evolved outdoor collection, the Allaperto is a lively mix of charming sophistication and the bohemian spirit. Various materials combine to form a versatile solution that superbly enhances outdoor settings of contemporary outdoor spaces of residential and hospitality outfits. The Allaperto Camping Chic features a metal frame wrapped in a bright coloured plastic fibre cord in a linear design to compose the straight backrest and spacious seat. Slim slats of mahogany are attached to the sides at angles to form stylish armrests. A neat composition with available cushions, the lounge chair aligns itself to diverse outdoor surroundings with panache.

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