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A Classic weave!


Relaxation and chairs are synonymous. As seating solutions, chairs have been in reckoning since ages and comfortable dining chairs are almost an elemental necessity. Going beyond its fundamental utilitarian need, a dining table and chair ensemble adds a touch of personality to home.  From ethnic to modern, classic to retro, the dining chair has been reinvented umpteen times in terms of design. But one style that’s forever in vogue is simplicity. Perhaps the reason why even the trend setting fashionistas go to great lengths to achieve the no make- up look!  In the design world, long lasting trends are ones that stick to basics in terms of structure and form. This holds true for dining room decor as well. A dining chair has to appeal to your basic idea of comfort. Simple is effective, simple is elegant. And that exactly describes the Alanis dining chair by Sika Design. A rattan dining chair is ageless in appeal because of the natural warmth it exudes.  Sika Design is known for their commitment to sustainable practices and the rattan dining chair is a perfect specimen of environment friendly furniture. The intricate weave of this hand crafted dining chair is wonderfully pleasing to the eye and the tight knit seat and backrest rank high in comfort as well. Rattan is a wonderfully pliable material which demurely submits to the craftsman’s loving hands. The Alanis dining chair will sweep you with the nostalgia of sepia toned times, thanks to its earthy natural sheen. There’s a wonderful fluidity of form in terms of its design structure. Use it as a dining room chair or even as stand- alone chairs to lend some pizzazz to your living room.  All in all, a versatile dining chair!


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