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Duvet Buying

How many duvets should i buy?

Which duvet you choose to buy generally depends on your individual body temperature and the ambient temperature of the room.

Summer duvets can be used through the year by people in very warm bedrooms or who really do not like to have a lot of warm bedding; winter duvets can be used through the year by people with very cold bedrooms or who really feel the cold!

  • If you prefer one duvet per season, you require 3 Duvets - which is the ultimate luxury.
  • If you prefer 2 Duvets - A summer (4-4.5 tog) and a spring/autumn (7.5 -9 tog) duvet which can be buttoned together to also create a winter duvet (13-15 tog).
  • If you prefer 1 Duvet for the whole year round –‘The All Seasons Duvet’ is a good option (7.5 -9.5 tog).Remember at anytime you can buya summer duvet (4-4.5 tog) and button them together for a snug winter duvet!
  • Summer
  • Spring / Autumn
  • Winter
  • Lightweight
  • Warm (All Season Duvet a good option)
  • Very Warm
  • 4- 4.5 Tog
  • 7.5 / 9 Tog
  • 10.5 / 13.5 Tog


Duvet Sizes Explained:

  • DuvetSizes
  • In Inches
  • In Centimetres
  • Single Size Duvet
  • 55x79
  • 140x200
  • Double Size Duvet
  • 79x79
  • 200x200
  • King Size Duvet
  • 87x89
  • 220x225
  • Super-King Size Duvet
  • 87x102
  • 220x260
  • Emperor Size Duvet
  • 92x114
  • 235x290



TOGS - Tog ratings tell you how warm a duvet will be and you may need more than one duvet at different times of the year depending on the weather .A tog rating is a measurement of the warmth of a duvet; the higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet. The amount of warmth the duvet will give depends on how much air it traps. Some fillings trap more air than others, making the duvet much lighter yet giving the same amount of warmth, and different filling last for different lengths of time. Please choose from the wide selection of tog or warmth ratings listed below:

  • 4.0-4.5 Tog - for average summer weather and even through the spring and autumn in well-insulated bedrooms.
  • 7.5-9.0 Tog - for spring-autumn weather and even through the winter in well-insulated bedrooms
  • 10.5-11 Tog - if you are looking for one quilt to use all year round or for spring/autumn/winter use
  • 12.0 Tog - for use in winter if fairly-well insulated bedrooms
  • 13.5 Tog - for use in winter in colder bedrooms
  • 15 Tog - for use in winter in the coldest of temperatures

How can I button two lighter tog duvets to get a heavier tog duvet?

If you chose to buy a summer weight duvet and an autumn weight duvet, one to use in the summer(tog4-4.5) and the other in spring/autumn (7.5 to 9 tog), You can then button the one on top of the other with the button attachment provided, to create a third, very snug option for the winter.

  • 4.5 Tog summer duvet + 9.0 Tog autumn duvet = 13.5 Tog winter duvet
  • 4.5 Tog summer duvet + 10.5 Tog winter duvet = 15.0 Tog very warm winter duvet


  • 1. Pure Silk Filled Duvet (Natural Duvet)

    Warm in winter and cool in summer, silk filled duvets are 100% natural, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. The duvets are covered in high quality 300 thread count cotton sateen which acts as a barrier against dust mites. The duvets drape softly over the body for the ultimate sleep experience. Duvets can be buttoned together for versatility. Silk pillows are also offered to complement the silk duvet. (Recommended for allergy sufferers)

  • 2. Superior New White Hungarian Goose Down (Natural Duvet)

    This filling consists of 90% new Hungarian goose down and 10% Hungarian goose feather .The down clusters are larger, giving the quilt a lighter and more luxurious feel. The matching pillow is plump and soft for excellent comfort and medium-firm support.280 thread count cotton sateen casing with woven effect.The natural fillings inthis products are all 100% NEW meaning that they have not been re-cycled and therefore are more fluffy, resilient, and long-lasting. This duvet comes with a 15 years manufacturer’s guarantee.

  • 3. Premium Pure Hungarian Goose Down (Natural Duvet)

    This is the ultimate in luxury - a filling which consists of 100% Hungarian goose down with clusters so large that the duvet is unbelievably soft and light. With proper care this duvet can last for 40 years or more! The matching pillow is plump and soft for the ultimate in comfort and medium-firm support.300 thread count silky smooth cotton sateen casing.The natural fillings inthis product are all 100% NEW meaning that they have not been re-cycled and therefore are more fluffy, resilient, and long-lasting.This duvet comes with a 15 years manufacturer’s guarantee.

Natural Fillings

100% natural fillings generally perform better than man-made fillings, providing greater comfort and longer life. However, we specially engineered man-man duvets have an excellent performance compared with the cheaper alternatives.

  • Natural fillings trap more air in relation to their weight than do most man-made fillings, so giving you warmth without weight in a duvet.
  • Have a built-in resiliency which enables them to mould around your body or bounce back into shape and they also last longer.
  • Carry moisture away from your skin, allowing your skin to 'breathe', and keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Give duvets a more body-hugging drape to insulate more efficiently, to keep you warmer.

Fabric Casing

All the duvets and pillows we offer have pure cotton casings which

  • Are very tightly woven to keep the filling in. They also help to keep dust mites out.
  • Allow the skin to 'breathe' for maximum comfort.
  • Are highly durable.


To prevent the fillings moving around, all duvets are made using a pocketed construction. The filling is held securely in individual squares so ensuring that you have overall warmth and no cold spots.


The need for washing can be minimized or even eliminated by following a few easy steps:

  • 1. Always use a pillow protector and change the pillowcases and duvet cover regularly to keep the casing clean.
  • 2. Air the products by regularly giving them a shake, leaving the duvet folded back after you get out of bed, preferably near an open window. Do avoid exposing natural products to damp air, however, as they have a natural ability to absorb moisture. Occasionally hanging them out of an open window or on the washing line on a dry day is also excellent treatment which will keep the products fresh and long-lasting.
  • 3. If you spill a cup of tea or coffee, you can simply sponge-clean the area affected and then hang the product in front of a fan heater to dry completely.


The Nimbus range of Hungarian goose down duvets come with a 15-year manufacturers guarantee. This is a guarantee of the quality of the materials and the workmanship, and does not cover accidental damage or damage caused by misuse.


100% natural duvets and pillows are biodegradable.

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